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This mobile guide is a collaboration among the Sinulog Foundation, Smart Communications Inc. and InnoPub Media.

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MARCO POLO PLAZA CEBU. Nestled atop a hill 600 feet above sea level, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu presents panoramic views of the vibrant and bustling Cebu metropolis.

Where to stay for Sinulog

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu has guest accommodations and amenities in its 329 rooms and suites that offer ultimate comfort and taste with an interior design highlighting the local culture. Situated on Cebu City's famed Nivel Hills (tap to check location), Marco Polo Plaza Cebu has the added advantage of being a private getaway but only a few minutes from the commercial and business centers of the metropolis. (Marco Polo Plaza Cebu is a partner of this guide)

Tap to call to book your stay: 253-1111

Islands Stay Hotel

Islands Stay Hotel is a “value-chic hotel” for the independent-minded traveler on the go. It offers no frills, value-for-money accommodation: comfortable rooms equipped with flat screen TVs, free in-room Wi-Fi, hot and cold showers, comfortable beds and a great design. Islands Stay is perfect for travelers looking to stay in great locations at low prices.

The hotel offers 3 accommodations: small, medium and large.

It currently has 2 branches in Cebu: Uptown, which is near the parade route, (tap to check location via GPS) and in Mactan Island (check location).

To book your Sinulog stay, call 266-0831, 2395456 or 0915-5394118 or email (The Islands Group is a partner of this guide)

Pension houses on P. del Rosario, Junquera, and RR Landon streets

These places are near the Cebu City Sports Center, which is the start and end point of the Sinulog street dancing competition. The parade starts on P. del Rosario, which intersects with Junquera St. An added advantage of this area is it is near the University of San Carlos (USC), where one of the street dancing judges’ stations is located. Sinulog contingents perform their whole routine in front of the judges’ stations. The solemn procession also passes nearby.

Many of these pension houses accept reservations as early as October but most require a minimum stay of 3 days.

The street dancing also goes through Osmena Boulevard but inns here are farther away from the Cebu City Sports Center.

Elicon House
P. del Rosario corner Junquera Sts. (tap to check location)
Call: 255-0300 or 255-0400 or 0917-6221154 or email
(Fully booked)

Dumos Pension House
Junquera St.
Call 254-4048
(Does not accept Sinulog reservations)

YES Pension House
Junquera St.
Call 416-8342 or 256-0658 or 0917-3062507
(Will start accepting reservations by end of October. They will require a minimum stay of 3 days)

Honey Hunts Pension House
Junquera St. (check location)
Call 254-4125

Teo-Fel Pension House
4 Junquera Extension (check location)
Call 253-2482 or 253-2488
(Will start accepting reservations for Sinulog weekend by December but will require 3-day minimum stay)

Cebu Regal Pension House
9-A Y and F Building, Junquera Extension (check location)
Call 255-6758 or 255-6759; (Fax) 255-6750
(Does not accept reservations)

LS 1 Pension House
R.R Landon St., Cebu City (check location)
Call 2562617
(Does not accept Sinulog reservations)

JL Suites
Junquera St. (check location)
Call 520-5066 or 520-6758
Does not accept Sinulog reservations

LS 2 Pension House
Junquera Extension (check location)
Call 255-4717 or fax 254-8406
(Does not accept reservations for Sinulog weekend)

LS 3 Pension House
Junquera Extension
Call 253-3900 or 254-3900
(Does not accept reservations for Sinulog weekend)

Robe’s Pension House
41R R Landon St. corner Don Pedro Cui St. (check location)
Call 412-5609412-5609 or 0932-4200598 or email
Fully booked for Sinulog

Arbel Hotel and Lodging House
57-E Osmena Boulevard
Contact details: (Phone) 253-5303
* Accepts reservations but requires 3-day minimum stay for Sinulog weekend

Pacific Pensionne
313-A. Osmeña Boulevard (check location)
Call 253-5271 or 412-5708 or 0927-2579163 or email
Payment upon reservation with lock-in dates from January 17 to 20

Osmena Boulevard (check location)
Call 253-4057 or 253-0691
Will start accepting reservations by December 16. Two-day minimum stay required, YMCA membership required (1 year fee is P100); Rates start at P700 per day for a room good for 2. Dorm accommodations are at P300 per person per day for a minimum group of 4 persons.

85 Osmena Boulevard
Call 253-5181 or 253-7198; (Fax) 253-5726; email (They cater to regulars, some of whom stay a week before Sinulog and stay on until the festivities)

GV Tower Hotel
Corner Osmena Blvd. and Sanciangko St. (check location)
Call 253-6518 or email

Golden Valley Hotel
155A Pelaez St. (check location)
Call 253-8660 or 09173238660 or email
With Sinulog packages from Jan. 17 to 20 (inclusive of dinner buffet)

Citiview House
Sanciangko St.
Call 253-2465
Fully booked since August

Hotel de Mercedes
7 Pelaez St. (check location)
Call 253-1105 to 10 or email
Fully booked for Sinulog weekend

Hotels and inns near Fuente Osmena rotunda

Both the Sto. Nino procession and street dancing parade go through a third of the Fuente Osmena circular road, which is around 500 meters from the Cebu Provincial Capitol. The hotels and inns listed below are located on several blocks of commercial area between between Fuente and the Capitol area.

Hotel Asia
11 Don Jose Avila St., Capitol Site (check location)
Call 255-8536 or fax 255-8534 or email
Minimum of 3 nights stay and full payment upon reservation

Villa de Mercedes Pension House
366 Orchid St., Capitol Site (check location)
Call 253-3320 or 259-3685 or fax 253-3320 or email
Accepts reservations but requires a minimum of 3-day stay. Payment in full during reservation

Westpoint Inn
297 Don Gil Garcia St., Cebu City (check location)
Call 254-3433 or 0923-9952111 or fax 254-4524 or email
(Does not accept reservations, first come, first served)

Hotel Stella
Don Gil Garcia St., Capitol Site (check location)
Call 239-0249 or 236-0260 or 0917-6633815 09176381333 or email
(Minimum of 3 days stay, plus payment of one night required during reservation)

Jasmine Pension
Don Gil Garcia corner Jasmin Streets (check location)
Call 254-2686 or 09176294973
(Does not accept reservations for Sinulog weekend)

Verbena Capitol Suites
79 Don Gil Garcia St., Capitol Site (check location)
Call 255-8308 or 254-8537 or 238-8532 or 0916-2034386 or fax 254-8537
(Will start accepting reservations by first week of October but will require at least 4 days of stay and full payment upon reservation)

Cebu R Hotel
101 Don Mariano Cui St., Capitol Site (check location)
Call 505-7188 to 89 or 0922-8880084 or 0917-3034781 or 505-5079 or email
(Requires 4 days, 3 nights stay during Sinulog weekend and full payment during reservation)

Capitol Tourist Inn
Don Gil Garcia Street, Capitol Site (check location)
Call 253-2850 or 412-4271
(Will start accepting reservations by November)

Gran Tierra Suites
Don Mariano Cui St., Capitol Site (check location)
Call 253-3575 or 0923-5929369 or 09176341839 or email or
(Fully booked for Sinulog weekend)

Century Plaza Hotel
Juana Osmena St., Cebu City (check location)
Call 255-1697255-1697 or email
(Will start accepting Sinulog reservations by November)

Elegant Circle Inn
Fuente Osmena (check location)
Call 254-1601 or 09173281601 or email
(Minimum of 3 nights stay, full payment upon reservation)

Hotel le Carmen
21 Juana Osmena St. (check location)
Call 255-6366 or email
(Will accept reservations by December but will require minimum of 3-night stay and full payment upon reservation)

Summit Circle (formerly Cebu Midtown Hotel)
Fuente Osmeña
Call 239-3000
(Fully booked for Sinulog weekend)

Mango Park Hotel
Gen. Maxilom Ave. (check location)
Call 233-1511 or 09228786571 or email
(Minimum of 5 nights stay and full payment upon reservation)

Apple Tree Suites
J. Llorente St., Fuente Osmena (check location)
Call 253-4236 or email
(Fully booked for Sinulog weekend)

C'est La Vie
73 Juana Osmena St.(check location)
Call 253-5266
(Fully booked for Sinulog weekend)

Diplomat Hotel
F. Ramos St. (check location)
Call 253-0099 or 09209555503 or email
(Minimum of 3-night stay, full payment upon reservation.)

Holiday Plaza Hotel
F. Ramos St. (check location)
Call 254-9880 or email
(Requires minimum of 2 nights stay and full payment upon reservation)

Kan-irag Hotel
F. Ramos St. (check location)
Call 253-1151
(Requires minimum 3-day stay)

Rajah Park Hotel
Fuente Osmena (check location)
Call 253-1812
(Offers 3-night package for Sinulog weekend with buffet breakfast)

Shamrock Pension House
Fuente Osmena Rotunda (check location)
Call 255-2999
(Requires minimum of 3-day stay)